Mi-ré, "Bel-futur" in Korean, was born in 2015 from love at first sight between two women who have always worked in the cosmetics sector.

Originally from two different continents where beauty has different resources and rituals, Elizabeth Trémosa, Parisian by adoption, meets Miseong Kim, Korean, and finds in her a soul mate, both professionally and personally.
Immediately they decide to join forces, and realize that by putting their aspirations and knowledge in common, they can give birth to hybrid beauty products: makeup-skincare.
Elizabeth tremosa
Expert in the development of international cosmetic brands for more than 20 years, she has worked for prestigious brands such as Yves Saint Laurent Parfums, Pierre Balmain and skincare brands such as Nuxe or Garancia. Passionate about art and beauty, she is always on the lookout for excellence.
Miseong Kim
An expert in R&D and creator of innovative and unique products, she is passionate about new beauty experiences from K-beauty and is committed to making them accessible to women around the world.